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Female pop singers of today


Pop music is the style adopted by more and more women singers, who manage to express their feelings through this genre. The style is quite dynamic since many stars know successful periods followed by failure. However, in this unsteady celebrity world there are some artists who built up a successful career. These are the female pop singers of today who continue to surprise us with their creativity.


Who are the ladies of today?

Awarded with more than 20 Grammy prizes for the best vocal performance, Beyoncé is without doubt the best female singer of today. Her amazing voice makes you love songs like Halo or If I were a boy as well as various live performances. Beyoncé is loved not only for her music but also for her beauty and unique lifestyle. The millions of admirers follow her on social media networks to be up to date with the latest fashion tips. Another female pop singer of our times is the ravishing Rihanna, who shows so much creativity through her music. People adore her for singles like We found love and Where have you been.

An angelic voice in a fabulous body, this is how fans would describe Taylor Swift, another female singer of today. Love Story is probably her best song. She is admired for her great voice but also for her composing talent because she writes her own songs. Equally appreciated as a top pop artist, Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest artists of our times. Every time you hear her music, you chill out and enjoy every note. Roar and Dark Horse are just two songs who make Katy Perry a top singer. Her music brings you pleasure and enthusiasm so go ahead and listen for it.

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Follow the best female pop singers of today to cheer you up. The new rhythms will please your ears while their exciting life will motivate you to achieve most of your goals. Feel great on the music of these talented women.