North Yorkshire Centre


Rally Secretary

It is with regret that I have to inform you that a couple of rally officers have decided to make 2004 their last year for running rallies. Alan and Hilda Kilding and Peter and Sue Jackson they are unable to Marshall their extensive list of rallies. On behalf of the Officers, Committee and members of the centre I would like to thank them all for all their hard work and support in providing you the members with good venues. I have received a number of offers to assist with running their rallies for the next season.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank George and Brenda Tate and Bob and Terry Allen for acting as Rally Officers for the West Stockwith Marina Rally. Their assistance with this matter was gratefully appreciated as was the assistance of all members who helped me to ensure the rally went ahead in 2004. I am reliably informed that the venue has been booked for 2005 and if you would like to act as Rally Marshall’s for the event please could you contact me so the appropriate arrangements can be put in place.

Harewood House

This is the first time we have been on a national rally and what a rally it was. We went to the rally with my sister and her husband who are quite new to rallying and met up with a few of our friends, who we have made friends with over the last year or so on certain rallies. The weather was really good except for one day where we had some rain, however this did not spoil out wonderful 5 days there, we got some bargains on the vast amount of stalls and I in particular enjoyed the RSPB walk in which we saw some beautiful birds. The Kites flying freely, they were extinct in this area in the 1800's but were re-introduced in 1999, and are growing in numbers. There was so much to take in as there were different events going on at different times of the day and night, the dogs, the birds, the sporting events from the young to the not so young where a delight to watch.

The work that had gone into the organisation of the rally by the Caravan Club Officials and the Northern Centres Officials in particular must have been a headache for them, but congratulations to them both for the excellent work they had put in to organise such an event, (well done). We also had a walk around both the inside and outside of Harewood house and gardens, the church, and the birds, what a beautiful and interesting place it was, looking at times gone by and recorded prosperity, absolutely worth the money. Well if other national rallies are going to be this good and well organised, we will have some good times ahead of us. Again well done to all who organised such an event.

Robin Hoods Bay

Bernard, Jacob and I arrived to receive a very warm welcome from 1st time rally officers, Graham, Sandra, Laura and Amy Bulson and Harry, Angela, Hannah and Rachel Walsh. Once settled comfortably on our pitch we decided to take an early evening stroll down into Robin Hoods Bay. It was a glorious evening and the place was buzzing, as it was the folk festival weekend. Musicians were playing in every pub and on street corner. Saturday morning was the 4th round heats of the lawn darts and quoits so that kept us busy all morning. The weather was once again kind to us, even if the ground was rock hard making it practically impossible to get the lawn darts to stick in. after a quick lunch we decided to visit Whitby and enjoyed a pleasant stroll.

Back to the rally field in time for coffee and the communal BBQ organised for us by the rally officers. What a super evening we enjoyed in very pleasant company. A special thank you to Sandra Bulson for making plaster of paris models for the children to paint whilst the adults attended the BBQ. These models were absolutely super and kept the children happily entertained for a couple of hours. Sunday was a glorious day and we were really pleased that flag had been held on Saturday evening thus giving us a free day on Sunday. Thank you and a very well done to these 1st time rally marshals for a super weekend.